The 7 Best Plants For The Room – Bring Nature Into Your Sleeping Space By Consumer Reports

Plants are not just assistance for your home to become green, brim with life. Additionally, they purge the air, assist you in relaxing your mind.

People who are constantly working under pressure and have insomnia , planting a few houseplants will improve this situation, give you a good night’s rest.

Here are 7 kinds of bonsai you should plant in the room to have a superior and more profound rest.

1. The Snake Plant

The facetious epithet “relative tongue” doesn’t do equity to the snake plant, a sculptural, vivacious example.

The Snake Plant is a plant that has an instrument of photosynthesis CAM. It discharges oxygen and breathes in carbon dioxide around evening time which is extraordinary whenever developed in a room.

Numerous investigations additionally recommend that the Tongue Tree can channel poisonous gases, for example, nicotine (tobacco smoke), formaldahyde, benzene to help make the air fresher.

Still, when growing this plant inside, use  a wet fabric to wipe the leaves regularly because dust attaches to leaves a lot

2. Aloe Vera

Aloe gives oxygen to your room around evening time, improves the room’s air increasingly cool and helps your rest more easier.

The plump leaves of aloe vera (Aloe barbadensis) plants need a brilliant spot in the room however wouldn’t fret in the event that you overlook the water for half a month.

3. Lavender Tree

Lavender tree is purple with a nice  smell. In many countries, people utilize Lavender as an ingredients in deoderants , shower gels and makeup.

They also  use Lavender fundamental oil in the room since it has the impact of repulsing mosquitoes and tranquilizers.

If you plant a Lavender tree, it will not only help the room become fragrant, sleep longer but also filter the air.

4. Spider Tree

Let the character of the insect-plant (Chlorophytum comosum) inject your room with fun and natural air! You can decide to leave these infant plants set up, or cut them and repot for endowments or different rooms. 

A great many people realize the bug plant, otherwise called the plane plant, from its capacity to create different “puppies” on stems that dangle from the mother plant.

These Creepy crawly plants develop in a wide range of light with normal dampness. On the off chance that leaf tips turn darker, gather water to inundate your bug plants as they are touchy to the fluoride in faucet water.

5. Jasmine Tree

Wheeling Jesuit University led an investigation to demonstrate the impact of jasmine on human rest.

Results showed that this flower helps people sleep deeper, reduces anxiety and creates a sense of relaxation when waking up and it is easy to care for and has a great gentle scent.

6. English Ivy

NASA also ranks ivy as one of the most “air purifiers”. The reason is because these plants absorb formaldehyde most effectively , one of the most well-known indoor air toxins, which is intensely utilized in materials.

The ivy is very simple to develop, simple to make due at moderate temperatures and assimilates daylight with some restraint. This is additionally one of the treatments to help improve rest productivity when putting in a room.

7. Peace Lily

The peach lily is also a popular indoor plant.It has the ability to remove common contaminants such as formaldehyde, benzene and trichlorethylene. 

In addition, this plant also has the ability to increase the moisture in the bedroom air to 5%, helping you get a better night’s sleep.


Hopefully with the above suggestions, you can choose one or a few plants that you like to put in your own bedroom. If you have other ideas , please tell me.


Top 6 Best Toilets Under $500 of 2020 By Consumer Reports

One of those things we cannot do without in a home is the toilet. Toilets are very important to be included in the bathroom fixtures of a home. Technology is improving every day by day and has dramatically increased the standards of toilet-production. Gone are those days when you go to the toilet, and you just cannot wait to get out, you might even end up not emptying your bowels because of the discomforting designs of some toilets.

Considering the improvement in the designation of toilets these days, you can decide to sit on them all day long because of the comfort and relaxation these toilets offer. One might think these ‘comfort-zone’ toilets will cost a fortune, but the good news is that they are surprisingly cheap and extraordinarily efficient.

Best Toilets Under $500

Kohler K-3609-0 Cimarron

This product, designed with the versatile style of the Cimarron collection is pocket-friendly and at the same time highly efficient. It is designed in a comfortable height similar to that of a standard chair and offers comfort and convenience of use and makes sitting down and standing easier for most adults. Its elongated bowl adds room and comfort. This product is designed with curves that complement a variety of bathroom environments.


  • Use less water
  • Offers outstanding bulk-flushing
  • AquaPiston technology
  • Offers best-in-class bowl cleanliness
  • It is relatively cheap


  • Seat and supply line are not included
  • The elongated bowl might seem too high for some adults

Kohler K-3978-0 Wellworth

This product is one of the best toilets on the market with very high ratings in 2019. It’s left with a white finishing. It also comes with a tank cover lock. Since 1936 till date, this product has been a standard by which other American products are being measured for innovation and performance. This product has unique and rare features that make it stand out. These features are highlighted below.

Elongated standard height-toilet bowl: you get to see some toilet bowls that are too low and very discomforting to use because you have to crouch so low. This product is with a difference. It has a standard height toilet bowl which gives you a sitting comfort.

Dimensions in inches and centimeters: 30″ (76.2cm) x 18″ (45.7cm) x 28-3/4″ (73 cm).

12″ rough-in.


  • Five flushing system
  • Simple installation
  • Low water consumption
  • A standard-height toilet bowl


  • Since it is designed with standard height, it can be a little bit low for those who would prefer elongated ones

Kohler K-3950-0 Tresham

This toilet is simple but yet sophisticated in some ways. It is a combination of classic lines and contemporary designs, and all these give it an elegant look. This product is designed to embrace different people’s senses of fashion. Available in 10 colors (almond, biscuit, cashmere, black, dune, ice grey, Mexican sand, white, thunder grey, and sandbar), this product perfectly fits into every home, matching the bathroom fixtures and contributing to the homely atmosphere.

It is a highly efficient toilet with a strong and powerful flush system, using 1.28 gallon per flush. It is designed with a large 3-1/4″ canister flush valve which delivers water rapidly from the tank to the bowl, giving a full-force flush.


  • Bulk-flushing performance
  • Low water consumption
  • Faster installation


  • One-year warranty
  • The elongated bowls might seem too tall for some set of people

American standard 2988.101.020

This toilet, with its amazing features and extraordinary abilities, is astonishingly cheap. It has a strong and powerful flush. No matter the years of usage, it always remains clean because of its pressurized rim which is designed to power-wash the bowl anytime you flush.

You would think this toilet will consume water with its powerful flushing system, but no, it does not. It uses just 1.28 gallons of water per flush- way lesser than what standard toilets use.

Its dimensions are 30.75″ x 15.75″ x 28.25.


  • EverClean surface
  • 5-year warranty
  • powerful flushes
  • Rarely clogs


  • Item may arrive separately due to shipping in more than one box

American Standard H2Option 2887.218.020

This is the highest water efficiency gravity-flush toilets you can buy. You do not have to worry about the fortune; it will cost you to get a durable toilet.

Its dimensions are 15″ x 29.8″ x 30″

It has a dual flush of 0.92/1.28, consuming a very low quantity of water; meaning you do not have to be bothered about water wastage or water consumption. At the long run, you will find out that you have been able to save some gallons of water in a year compared to when you use a normal standard toilet. It is also WaterSense certified.


  • EverClean surface
  • easy to maintain
  • A siphon jet bowl technology with a power rush rim
  • Two-piece installation type
  • Water conservative


  • Seat, wax ring and supply line are not included.
  • The toilet comes with a normal standard height, which might seem too low for some people.

American standard 2034.314.020

This toilet is superbly extraordinary in its performance and very affordable. Compared with other standard toilets, this product can move a 70% larger mass by producing a faster and more powerful flush. If you are also on the search for a toilet that has a quiet flush, then you are on the right one.

Also, it features 16-1/3″ rim height to increase ease of use and brings you all the comfort you need.

Slow close toilet seat: many households with children suffer noises that come from seat slamming; children can be sometimes naughty you know. If you find this act inconveniencing and you wish for a quieter household, go for this product; designed with a slow close toilet seat, an end is brought to seat slamming, and you are bound to enjoy a peaceful household.


  • EverClean surface
  • Lower water consumption
  • Easy to clean and maintain


  • The elongated right height which might seem too tall and kind of inconveniencing to some people.

How To Choose The Right Pillow for Your Bedroom By Consumer Reports

Make sure you have a comfortable pillow to rest your head on after hard working days because you will spend about a third of your day sleeping. But maybe you still don’t know how to choose the best pillow, one of the things you should not ignore is the fit of your pad with your bedroom. It sounds strange but it’s quite essential. So, the following article will guide you on some points to keep in mind to choose a pillow that fits your bedroom.

Choose a pad that fits your bedroom design style

Depending on the needs and preferences of the user, the bedroom design has many different styles, be it modern style, classic style, or semi-classical style. Each method has different design characteristics. And to get a harmonious sleeping space, you should choose pillows that have the design following the interior design style.

A room designed in a modern style suitable for block pillows, without many motifs, simple but still very delicate. In contrast, a room is a more classical style with the pad with patterned, gaudy motifs. You can consult the architect’s advice to choose the right pillow.

These pillows have a pattern design suitable for classic style

Choose a pillow size that matches your bed size

Do not forget the importance of choosing a pillow size. Of course, the size of the pillow should fit the user’s head, but if you pay attention to the aesthetics of the room, then choose the pad that matches the bed size. Don’t choose small pillows for beds that are too big and vice versa.

Choose colors suitable to the interior

Your bedroom will look more neat and tidy if you choose the pillow with color in harmony with the bedroom furniture. You should choose colors that match the color of your curtains, the color of your wardrobe, even the color of your bedroom lights. Similar colors will create harmony for space. You should not combine too many contrasting colors or too dark  colors.

When choosing the right color for the bedroom, you need to know who will use that bedroom. Children’s bedrooms have designed with lots of patterns, so you should choose pillows with lots of texture. These pillows are not only suitable for bedroom space, but also create excitement for babies and help them develop thinking.

For older people, you can choose according to each person’s preferences but make sure they match the color of your bedroom space.

Use gentle, harmonious colors

Soft colors such as light yellow, light green, light blue, or white are very suitable for your bedroom. The pillow will bring lightness to the room in your family.

Of course, you can absolutely create accents to the bedroom with darker colors. The selection of vibrant colors and patterns for bedding sets will bring an eye-catching and vivid look to your bedroom. For example, if you choose orange mattress with horizontal lines, diagonal lines and polka dots will create a very colorful space.

Vivid colors create accents for the space

If you choose neutral colors, they will not get old over time. For example, the white color that combines with brown color will make your bedroom space comfortable and bring you relaxation after wasted working hours.


Bedrooms are the essential places in every family, so take some time to learn how to choose the right pillow for your bedroom. I believe that you will have an ideal resting space after hard working days if you have the right pillow. So, remember carefully the four above notes when choosing pillows.