How To Choose The Right Pillow for Your Bedroom

Make sure you have a comfortable pillow to rest your head on after hard working days because you will spend about a third of your day sleeping. But maybe you still don’t know how to choose the best pillow, one of the things you should not ignore is the fit of your pad with your bedroom. It sounds strange but it’s quite essential. So, the following article will guide you on some points to keep in mind to choose a pillow that fits your bedroom.

Choose a pad that fits your bedroom design style

Depending on the needs and preferences of the user, the bedroom design has many different styles, be it modern style, classic style, or semi-classical style. Each method has different design characteristics. And to get a harmonious sleeping space, you should choose pillows that have the design following the interior design style.

A room designed in a modern style suitable for block pillows, without many motifs, simple but still very delicate. In contrast, a room is a more classical style with the pad with patterned, gaudy motifs. You can consult the architect’s advice to choose the right pillow.

These pillows have a pattern design suitable for classic style

Choose a pillow size that matches your bed size

Do not forget the importance of choosing a pillow size. Of course, the size of the pillow should fit the user’s head, but if you pay attention to the aesthetics of the room, then choose the pad that matches the bed size. Don’t choose small pillows for beds that are too big and vice versa.

Choose colors suitable to the interior

Your bedroom will look more neat and tidy if you choose the pillow with color in harmony with the bedroom furniture. You should choose colors that match the color of your curtains, the color of your wardrobe, even the color of your bedroom lights. Similar colors will create harmony for space. You should not combine too many contrasting colors or too darkĀ  colors.

When choosing the right color for the bedroom, you need to know who will use that bedroom. Children’s bedrooms have designed with lots of patterns, so you should choose pillows with lots of texture. These pillows are not only suitable for bedroom space, but also create excitement for babies and help them develop thinking.

For older people, you can choose according to each person’s preferences but make sure they match the color of your bedroom space.

Use gentle, harmonious colors

Soft colors such as light yellow, light green, light blue, or white are very suitable for your bedroom. The pillow will bring lightness to the room in your family.

Of course, you can absolutely create accents to the bedroom with darker colors. The selection of vibrant colors and patterns for bedding sets will bring an eye-catching and vivid look to your bedroom. For example, if you choose orange mattress with horizontal lines, diagonal lines and polka dots will create a very colorful space.

Vivid colors create accents for the space

If you choose neutral colors, they will not get old over time. For example, the white color that combines with brown color will make your bedroom space comfortable and bring you relaxation after wasted working hours.


Bedrooms are the essential places in every family, so take some time to learn how to choose the right pillow for your bedroom. I believe that you will have an ideal resting space after hard working days if you have the right pillow. So, remember carefully the four above notes when choosing pillows.